Just a few testimonials from players just like you:

I began seeing results as soon as I started the method correctly. And, like Caruso, it does not matter how "bad" you sound on each exercise, that is not an indication on how you will sound during the rest of your normal playing day, I have struggled through the exercises some days, rested, and then picked up the horn for a rehearsal or gig and have been quite astonished! I should have been more clear, I have been through the book once which took about 3 or 4 months, and that time I went from a good G (4 ledger lines) to a very solid C (on top of the 5th ledger line) but more important then that (I know, its hard to believe there is something more important than a dlb C) I was able to play up there easier with much less effort with a more confident projecting sound AND those weird squirrely notes like Ab, A and Bb became real notes with slots! And I didn't just have to press and pray hoping they would come out. THIS TIME through the book I will be spending more time on each lesson.


I just bought the book yesterday. It makes far more sense than the free downloads out there of the method. It is easy to understand, and doesn't make any wild promises-just work at it and it'll come. Also, a huge thank you to Geoff for his customer satisfaction. I sent him two emails yesterday, and he replied to both of them within a couple of hours. So far it looks like a great book, and I can't wait until the results start coming in.


Wow! This is a very, very, very powerful technique. You've nailed what I've always considered the feeling of what correct playing should be but could never achieve.

Old embouchure = Maxes out at around High C

Today ... I played a chromatic scale from G in the stave up to a double C before I lost control and it went to some un-nameable note above!!!! I can't wait to fix the tone, and be able to articulate this stuff.

It's going to click soon.

Thank you!


The strengthening of my embouchure as a result of this method is amazing and has improved my playing in many ways beyond high notes. My endurance has dramatically improved along with my tone, flexibility, and articulations.

Thank you, Geoff and THANK YOU, CAT!!!


Trumpeters Who Have Bought This Book

Arturo Sandoval
Arturo is one of the nicest people on the planet. He had me hand-deliver a spiral bound edition when he performed in San Diego so we could discuss the book and hang out awhile. He now lives in L.A. and is available for private lessons. His website is great!
Jim Manley
Former trumpeter with Maynard Ferguson/recording artist/clinician. Great player and a great guy who is gracious with his time. Check out his YouTube videos.
Paul Baron
Lead trumpet for many Broadway musicals and recordings. He is a Jupiter clinician and likes to have after-show hangs when he's on the road. He also wants to know the best places to eat in your town! I had a wonderful talk with him over cocktails after Spamalot. Super player!
Dan Jacobs
Recording artist/clinician/studio musician/entrepreneur/major brain! Dan's a brilliant man who can play like a demon on trumpet and then turn around and kill you with his awesome flute playing. He's got a great site with lots of cool info.
Eric Miyashiro
What can I say?! Former lead trumpet with Maynard Ferguson & Buddy Rich. Clinician for Yamaha. Another superstar player with a huge following in Japan (and the rest of the world).
Bryan Davis
Recording artist/clinician/freelance trumpeter. Fantastic trumpeter who's recently moved to the US from England. Great guy to talk to and is a wiz with websites, as well.
Rich Wetzel
Bach-Selmer clinician/band leader/recording artist. Rich is truly a fun guy to know and is brave enough to play Maynard charts with his band The Groovin' High Jazz Orchestra. Check them out on YouTube.
Bob Odneal
Another former member of Maynard's band. He's got his own book as well. Check out his site.
Larry Meregillano
Freelance artist/studio player/clinician. My brother from a different mother. I've known Larry since high school and am still waiting for him to put up a website. He spent 20 years on cruise ships, including the QE2, as a performer and musical director. We both took from Cat together. He has also studied with Roy Stevens and Claude Gordon. Superman chops who can blow the house down with an F above double-C. You'll be hearing more from him since he's getting his land legs back and getting more and more gigs. Check out his YouTube vids, particularly the Tom Kubis band where he nails a major double-C during an outdoor concert.
Other names - I'll add more info as I go through my lists.
  • Dave Douglas
  • Richie Gonzaga
  • Lex Samu
  • Nathan Goebel-US Navy band
  • Chris Hodges-US Navy band
  • Todd Tanji

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