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Welcome to The Real Way To Play the Cat Anderson Trumpet Method

An E-Book
by Geoff Winstead
A Real student of Cat Anderson's

Before there was Maynard Ferguson, Bill Chase, Bud Brisbois, Arturo Sandoval, Jon Faddis or Wayne Bergeron, there was Cat Anderson! He was one of the greatest high note trumpeters of all time and is on every current high note player's list of "greatest influences"! Cat consistently played musical passages in the extreme upper register every night of his professional career from 1935 to 1981--including 26 years with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. He occasionally formed his own band, and made several recordings under his own name. In 1971, he became a top-call studio player in Los Angeles and can be heard on many recordings, movie and television soundtracks. Cat was very active on the live scene in the bands of Bill Berry and Louis Bellson, along with doing clinics and playing jazz festivals as a guest artist.

I first met Cat in 1972 as a high school student when our jazz band went to a competition in Northridge, CA. Cat was a guest performer with the university's big band. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Doubles and triples all night long!! I had to know how to play like that!! After the concert I asked if he gave lessons. Fortunately for me, he said yes! From that fateful evening I began a wonderful eight year relationship with Cat, who became my teacher, my mentor, and my friend.

Some of you may have purchased Cat's original book or have visited websites where you can download it for free online but weren't able to get much out of it, and want to know: --

What's different in this book?

Instructions!! Cat's original book had no mention of what his real secrets to playing in the upper register were!! Do you know how to play his "whisper" warm up? No? That's because he didn't write it down! Cat could teach students what to do and how to do it in person, but in his book you will notice (if you have it) that the instructions are vague and minimal, at best.

Lessons and exercises in the correct order!! Cat gave his publisher all of the materials for his book right before he left on a long State Department tour of Europe with an All-Star group. In those days there were no cell phones or Internet for instant communication, so the publisher put the book together the best it could. By the time Cat came home, the book had been printed. Unfortunately, the result was that his book has some lessons and exercises in the wrong order, with no real explanation on how to approach the exercises -- a book he eventually became greatly disappointed with. However -

I know Cat's secrets!

And now you can, too!

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I have been asked to write this book for several years. I believe that because Cat's original book was so difficult to understand, his legacy has been somewhat tarnished and his "method" has been ridiculed by some. I want to repair that damage by giving today's students a book that has been re-organized back to the original lesson plans he gave me and using my original notes. Every lesson now has exercise-by-exercise instructions with an explanation of how to approach each one.

Besides having successful students over the years and presenting some insight and advice in various trumpet forums, I came across the perfect student for doing a re-write: someone who I couldn't sit down with, someone I couldn't hear, someone who was on the other side of the world! I was sent an email by a trumpet player in the US Navy band based in Italy, asking if I could help him with Cat's method. With his help and correspondence, describing his improvement, his problems, what challenged him, and making sure that I really wanted him to do something, etc., I was able to effectively teach him to play and perform consistent doubles on a daily basis! With this information, I have put together a book that explains all of the how's and what's of Cat's method. I have included most of our conversations in several lessons so you can measure your own progress and answer questions you may have.

The Real Way to Play The Cat Anderson Trumpet Method gives you everything you need to play in the upper register the Cat Anderson way! I have also included some stories of my times with him and examples of his original manuscript. In addition, I provide several website links to give you insight on breathing techniques, physical exercises, and useful playing tips, including the entire Science of Breath, the book that Maynard Ferguson said was a must read, as an added bonus!

What you will get from this book:

The Real Way to Play The Cat Anderson Trumpet Method is an e-Book, which means as soon as you pay for it, you can download it, read it on your computer and print out the lessons as you go! It is also organized with larger margins on one side if you want to have it printed out on both sides so you can have it bound or put in a 3-ring binder. It is in the form of a .PDF file. You must have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this book. Please go to Adobe's website and download it for free.

Many thanks to all of the professional players, former students of Cat's and my students who have asked questions and given feedback on this book!

The Real Way to Play The Cat Anderson Trumpet Method

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afterwards the reg. price will return to $24.95 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by GMW Publishing.

You have come here out of curiosity and a desire to play better in the upper register of your trumpet. With The Real Way to Play The Cat Anderson Trumpet Method you will be able to get what you want:

The rest is up to you, my friend! Like any method, if you don't practice it, you won't get results! So buy the book, get out your horn, do the lessons and learn how to play correctly in the upper register! Be determined! Be diligent! Have fun!

Geoff Winstead

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